Top 10 Avocado Toasts in Los Angeles

I recently photographed and wrote a guide to the Top 10 Avocado Toasts in Los Angeles for Female Foodie, and wanted to share a preview here! Check out the full guide at this link: Top 10 Avocado Toasts in Los Angeles!

Avocados and Southern California pretty much go hand in hand, and with the Avocado Toast trend currently at full steam in Los Angeles, I knew it was time that we made a guide to some of the best Avocado Toasts that LA has to offer! 

Favorite of them all: Free Range LA




LA Chapter

The Springs

Zinc Cafe

Lularoe Inspire Conference

I was part of a team of photographers at last year’s LuLaRoe Inspire Conference in Ontario, CA and Huntington Beach, CA covering the event all day! A huge event with nearly 5000 attendees, it was a long and tiring but fun day! Here are some favorites from the day, view a larger image set here:

Best of Airbnb: 2016

I have been a photographer for Airbnb since November 2015, taking photos of people’s houses for their rental listings on the Airbnb site. Here are some of my favorite photos from 2016 from houses around the LA area…I was able to do some shoots while traveling for them as well- in Joshua Tree, Big Bear, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Colorado and Utah! I’ve met quite a range of people and been to some very interesting homes and places! It’s been a fun job & I can’t wait to see where I go in 2017. If you or anyone you know need an interior of a home or business photographed, message me! 

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