Creative Series: Anna Wingfield

I met Anna during my time working as a photographer for Everson Royce Bar in LA, she is one of their (best) bartenders. While a bartender at night, she spends her days in a studio in Downtown LA making abstract original prints, finding inspiration from textures and colors found in oxidized metals and natural stratifications. I visited her studio during a recent trip to Los Angeles to capture her process. I love the organic and natural feel of her prints, and the relationship to earth’s textures and colors. See more of her work and shop her one of a kind prints on her website,

Product Photos: O’Neill

I worked on contract at the La Jolla Group, specifically for O’Neill brand, the last few months I lived in California while their primary studio photographer was on maternity leave. While there, I did product photography styled, flat, and on model for E-Commerce, and retouching of product & studio model images. They can currently be seen on the O’Neill website, Below are a few example product images that I shot for them.

Using Format