Shoestring Adventures: Women’s Joshua Tree Backpacking Trip

I work as a trip photographer for Shoestring Adventures, a camping/backpacking/hiking company based in Southern California whose aim is to help make the outdoors more accessible for everyone. My first trip as a photographer with them was a Ten Lakes backpacking trip in Yosemite in 2017, this was my second trip & it was just as fun! A three day, 21 mile long trip in Joshua Tree National Park meant to help teach an intro to backpacking for women.  There were 10 ladies total, only a few knew each other beforehand so it was a fun weekend getting to know each other over shared meals and long trails! We had quite a mixed bag of weather, with temps in the 70s F the first day, 60s F the second day, and on the third morning we awoke to a sleety snow storm that we had to hike out in for the first 30 minutes or so! Finished off the trip with a pit stop at the Joshua Tree Saloon for lunch on our way back to LA. If you live in CA or want to go on a backpacking trip in CA and are looking for something a little more guided, new friends, and good times, look into the trips page on the Shoestring Adventures website!

Here are some highlights from the weekend:

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